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Ribchester Roman Museum

We’re very fortunate to have a museum dedicated to life in the Roman fort at Ribchester. However, it not only deals with Roman finds, but begins with a summary of what life was like before the Romans came to the area. Stand … Continue reading

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Ribchester Roman Granaries

The pair of Roman granaries had a stone flagged floor and were raised off the ground on pillars to cut down the risk of mice and rats getting into the grain. They were located near the fort headquarters building and … Continue reading

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Higher Woodhill Mill ruins, Bury

The first mill at this site was built around 1790 and was powered by a small waterwheel. The mill began life producing cotton, but over the years it would be expanded and used to manufacture a whole range of products. The original … Continue reading

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Preston’s lost Medieval Friary

Although there is a large and busy Preston street still named Friargate that has existed since medieval times, the exact location of this monastic site has remained a mystery. Recent archaeological evidence has drawn it tantalizing closer, as we shall see. The friary … Continue reading

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Ormskirk Tudor Church Tower

As you approach Ormskirk Parish Church the first thing that strikes you is the unusual fact that the building has both a tower and a steeple, both next to each other. The steeple sits on an earlier smaller tower, built in the late … Continue reading

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Haslingden Late Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age Double Cross Socket

In St James’s Churchyard, by the base of the church tower is a massive double socket stone, which once held two crosses. Dating from the 10-11th century, the crosses may well have had Viking design and motifs on them, as … Continue reading

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