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Tottington Mill Print Works ruins, Kirklees Valley, Bury

Walking through Kirklees Valley Local Nature Reserve today, you would be excused for thinking you had come across the remants of some ancient civilization, now reclaimed by nature. Extensive ruins in amongst the trees run for some considerable distance alongside … Continue reading

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Hollinshead Hall ruins and Well House, near Tockholes

The hall ruins we see today are from 1776 when John Hollinshead built a new house on the site. It had previously been  home to a large farmhouse, dating from over hundred years earlier. This was mostly demolished, making way for the new hall and probably … Continue reading

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Silverdale Viking Hoard

Sometime around the year 905 AD, an unknown Viking hid a collection of silver valuables. Having dug a small hole in the ground, firstly five arm rings were put in, and then placed on top of them was a lead pouch containing … Continue reading

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