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The Starting Chair, Moor Park, Preston

Visitors to Moor Park may be surprised to see a large standing stone at its northern end. While it looks like a prehistoric stone from some long lost circle, its use was much more recent.  It is called the “Starting Chair” … Continue reading

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Sherburne Cross, Moor Park, Preston

By the north entrance to Moor Park, just off the Blackpool Road, stands Sherburne Cross. The stone shaft is modern, but the base socket could well be medieval. Just beside the base is a small stone plaque that reads “The base … Continue reading

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Criffel Stone, Crossens near Southport

The large Criffel Stone sits just across the road from Crossens Pumping Station. It is a glacial erratic, meaning that it was carried by a glacier and left in place when the ice melted. In 1959, the Crossens Pumping Station … Continue reading

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