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Sherburne Cross, Moor Park, Preston

By the north entrance to Moor Park, just off the Blackpool Road, stands Sherburne Cross. The stone shaft is modern, but the base socket could well be Medieval. Just beside the base is a small stone plaque that reads “The base … Continue reading

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Criffel Stone, Crossens near Southport

The large Criffel Stone sits just across the road from Crossens Pumping Station. It is a glacial erratic, meaning that it was carried by a glacier and left in place when the ice melted. In 1959, the Crossens Pumping Station … Continue reading

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St Leonard’s Church, Middleton

Although there were earlier Saxon and Norman churches on the site, the basis of the building we see today is medieval, though most of the later fabric is Tudor. It was built in 1412 by Middleton-born Cardinal Thomas Langley, Prince Bishop … Continue reading

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Liverpool Castle Replica, Rivington, near Horwich

Lord Leverhulme commissioned a replica of Liverpool Castle to be built on his Rivington estate of Lever Park, near Horwich. He had read a work about the original castle by E.W. Cox written in 1892. The description of the Liverpool castle site struck him as … Continue reading

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Liverpool’s Lost Castle

The site of Liverpool Castle is clearly marked by a plaque on the Queen Victoria Monument in present day Derby Square. There are no standing remains of this medieval fortress. However, it had a rich and interesting history and if you are prepared to … Continue reading

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Formby Lifeboat Station – A World First

The lifeboat station at Formby was the first in the world. Built in the early 1770s, the boat house and life boat were there to save lives on the often treacherous Formby coast. Visitors today can still see the foundations and parts … Continue reading

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Early Transatlantic Flights,via Southport

Many people must have driven around the Shore Road roundabout near Ainsdale and wondered why there is a sculpture of an airplane flying away from the New York skyline. Perhaps they dismiss it as some random, innocuous piece of public art. However, it is far more important … Continue reading

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Broughton Tower, Broughton near Preston

Broughton Tower itself no longer stands, but surprisingly much of its moat remains at the site of this once fortified place. We’ll say a little more about how to see it (and it is quite extensive), but first a little history… The tower was … Continue reading

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Clitheroe’s Town Wells

Clitheroe has three old town wells and they are all worth a visit. Each of them is enclosed by walls and has a flagged floor that would have held a pool of water. They were the town’s only water supply until … Continue reading

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Church Cottage Museum, Broughton near Preston

Today a small Tudor cottage stands next to Broughton Church and Primary School. It has had a long and varied history, but now functions as a museum and is open every Sunday afternoon. It was originally built in 1590 as a Fylde Three … Continue reading

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