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20th Century

Monuments and Memorials

Bobby the Iron Horse, Leyland A lasting tribute to the lives of working horses

A History of the Ashton Memorial, Lancaster  A huge monument, but to what?

The Mussel Tank, Lytham The Lytham and Banks Fisherman’s Co-operative Society’s cleansing tanks have gone, but are not forgotten

A History of the Allerton Oak A venerable old tree in Liverpool, whose leaves and acorns were sent as mementos to those fighting overseas in the Second World War 

Worsley Green and Fountain Monument A monument to a vanished way of life

The Mystery of ‘The Mount’ The Preesall War Memorial stands on top of a large mound of unknown origin

Wainwright Memorial, Blackburn  A commemorative toposcope, at a place where Wainwright once gazed upon the distant Lakeland fells

Lowry Statue, Knott End-on- Sea A commemoration of the artist’s visits to the town

Kathleen Ferrier Memorial Garden A monument to one of the 20th Century’s most popular singers

Peel Monument, Accrington The Peel family’s donation to the people of Accrington commemorated

Criffel Stone, Crossens, near Southport  A large glacial erratic, all the way from Scotland

Liverpool Castle Replica  An early 20th Century reproduction of the lost Medieval castle, at Rivington near Horwich

Lancashire Reservoirs

Greenbooth Reservoir and Drowned Village Beneath the waters lies the village of Green Booth

Jumbles Reservoir, Bolton A late 20th Century reservoir, part of a chain that was begun in Victorian times

Ashworth Moor Reservoir, near Heywood In a stunning setting, this reservoir led to the closure of nearby mills

Watergrove Reservoir and Drowned Village  A Victorian village and mills destroyed to make way for clean drinking water for Rochdale

Civic Buildings

The Winter Hill Transmitter, Belmont For almost 60 years the aerial has been a familiar landmark, but are its days numbered?

The Ruskin Library and Museum, Lancaster A late 20th Century building housing the largest archive of the Victorian visionary John Ruskin

Lancashire Aviation

Early Transatlantic Flights- via Southport  The little know roll of the Ainsdale to Birkdale foreshore playing a vital role in the days of early aviation

Lancashire Mining

Astley Green Colliery: Lancashire Mining Museum A group of volunteers are preserving the unique heritage of a former coal mine

Worsley Green and Fountain Monument A monument to a vanished way of life

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