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This website is about historical places you can visit in Lancashire. It was started in September 2013. It is one of two websites written by brothers A & R Bowden. Each of us takes a lead on one of the websites, and this one is mainly written by Adrian. The main focus is Lancashire, including the modern counties of Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Sites bordering on Cumbria, West Yorkshire and Cheshire will also be covered.

Many of the sites are free to visit, some charge a small entrance fee. For each site a brief history is given and a summary of what remains today. Where to park is also mentioned, as are other historical sites nearby.

Click on the historical time period that interests you on the  header menu above and this will lead to a list of all the  sites from that period that the website covers to date. The most recent blog posts can be seen on the ‘What’s New’ page.

Our other website we are currently working on is  Lancashire at War. This covers  the hidden history of war sites in Lancashire, and can be found at Richard is the lead author on Lancashire at War.

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