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Saxon & Viking

Lancashire Saxon and  Viking Age Crosses

Viking Stones, Bolton-le-Sands  Two fragments with interesting carvings, including part of a rare hogback stone

Tocca’s Stone, St Stephen’s Churchayrd, Tockholes  A strangely shaped stone, with mysterious origins

Godley Lane Cross, Burnley At over eight feet tall, this blackened structure is worth a visit

Prestwich Viking Age Cross fragment A surviving remnant found on an ancient site

Whalley Viking Age Crosses Three elaborately carved stone crosses

Haslingden Viking Age Double Cross Socket A rare surviving example of its kind in Lancashire

Bolton Viking Age Crosses A collection of impressive crosses housed in Bolton Parish Church

Saxon and Viking Burials

Quernmore Dark Age Burial, near Lancaster The discovery of two mysterious boat shaped objects

Claughton Viking Burial A rare burial mound and grave goods

Lancashire Viking Hoards

Silverdale Viking Hoard A mysterious Viking treasure trove, buried but not recovered for a thousand years

Furness Viking Hoard   A chance find from a turbulent historical time

Lancashire Saxon and Viking Landscape Features

Nico Ditch, Platt Fields Park, Manchester This Dark Age defensive structure is a rare remnant from Saxon


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