Ribchester Roman Granaries


Ribchester Roman Granaries

The pair of Roman granaries had a stone flagged floor and were raised off the ground on pillars to cut down the risk of mice and rats getting into the grain. They were located near the fort headquarters building and had to hold one years worth of grain for the fort occupants. This important task of monitoring and maintaining the stock would be given to one of the officers. In 1908 an excavation of the granaries discovered burnt spelt wheat , and some of this is on display in the museum next to the site. Today you can clearly see the remains of the pillars that supported the granary floor, the substantial walls and the gutters to collect the rainwater from the slanted granary roof.

The site if free to visit and is open all year. Entrance is through a gate in the churchyard.

Site visited by A. and S. Bowden 2013


Lots of space available at the town’s car park. Then just head down the street to the parish church.

Nearby, just a few steps away:

Ribchester Roman Museum. This excellent independent museum is open all year round and charges a small entrance fee. It details life before the Romans and during the time the fort was built and occupied by them.

Ribchester Roman Baths. This site is only open April through to October, and is kept locked during the rest of the year. It is free to visit.

Just a short walk away:

The Knights Hospitallers, Stydd Church


On site interpretation board, Ribchester Roman Museum

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