Cann Street Well


A little way along Cann Street in Tottington is Cann Well. It is protected by a small drystone wall facing on to the road, and a cap stone above it. It is well cared for  and has plants on the capstone  and pots around it. A few steps descend into the well and a blue plaque reveals its history. The plaque states: “This is the last working well on Cann Street. It is shown on the deeds of No.38 as circa 1731. It was last used to draw water in the drought of 1976. The well has never been known to run dry and refills in 30 minutes. Despite the obvious later additions, the original stonework and steps are clearly visible. Please treat with respect this unique historical feature of the old coach road to Tottington”. A second plaque on the capstone is in memory of a local resident who tended the well for many years.

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Cann Street Toll House


At the end of Cann Street is a toll house. Now converted to a private residence, it is a reminder of the Toll Pike era of the Georgian times when a huge number of roads were built or drastically improved throughout the area.

Site visited by A. and R. Bowden 2017


Cann Street Well is open access and is found opposite no. 38 Cann Street. Do not drive down Cann Street as it is very narrow and there is nowhere to park. Park somewhere on Woodstock Drive off Turton Road. Walk to the end of Woodstock Drive, turn right by the Toll House and walk down Cann Street for a short distance. The well is on the left opposite number 38.

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