By the north entrance to Moor Park, just off the Blackpool Road, stands Sherburne Cross. The stone shaft is modern, but the base socket could well be medieval. Just beside the base is a small stone plaque that reads “The base stone was removed from Sherburne Lane and the cross erected to the Glory of God. Septr (September) 1913”.

Sherburne Cross, Preston

As the plaque states, the cross is not in its original position, although it has not travelled far. When Henry Fishwick published his History of the Parish of Preston in 1900 he stated that there was a stone pedestal for a market or wayside cross near Sherburne House on Deepdale Road. A map dated 1892-3 shows the house and Sherburne Cross opposite the junction of Blackpool Road with Deepdale Road.

The original base of Sherburne Cross

A look at a modern map reveals no Sherburne Road, but there is a Sherburne Crescent just off Sir Tom Finney Way and close to Preston North End football ground. This general area, just near the crossroads of Deepdale Road and Blackpool Road would have been an ideal spot for a wayside cross.

Historic England’s Pastscape website confirms that the cross base is medieval, but names it as Preston Moor Cross. It states that it stood at the intersection of roads one and a quarter miles north east of the Market Place. Preston Moor was the traditional name of this area, before it was converted into Moor Park.

Site visited by A. and S. Bowden 2018


Free parking at Moor Park, just off Sir Tom Finney Way. Head through the park, parallel with Blackpool Road, pass the Serpentine Lake. You will see Sherburne Cross on the path coming into the park from the north. Have a look at a free map online – just type “Moor Park Map Preston City Guild” into Google.

There is a café on the park, see their website here

Nearby, just a short walk away is The Starting Chair

Just a short drive away Ribbleton Hall ruins


Deepdale Conservation Area Appraisal. This undated but recent pdf is available online for free

Historic England website Preston Moor Cross page

Moorpark Map – Preston City Guild. Pdf available online for free