A medieval cross base stands on Main Street in Cockerham, with a modern shaft placed in it. A plaque states “Base of a Medieval cross which formerly stood at Cross Houses 193 metres to the south east. 1994 Cockerham Parish Council“.

Cockerham Medieval Cross Base

Such crosses were a common occurrence in the Medieval period, either acting as waymarkers, preaching places or the sites of markets. There’s a host of them remaining in Lancashire, in a variety of intactness. Many have vanished, but their positions are still sometimes marked on Ordnance Survey maps as ‘site of cross’. For more on Lancashire crosses through the ages, have a look at our category section under ‘Wayside Crosses’.

Site visited by A. Bowden 2019


The cross is on Main Street in Cockerham.

There is parking by the parish hall,  or a small amount of space by St Michael’s Church.

Nearby, just a short walk away

Cockerham’s Lost Medieval Priory

St Michael’s Church Cockerham


On site interpretation board in Cockerham.