DSCN5530As we move into the final year of centenary events for the 1914-1918 conflict, a group of schools in Longridge and its surrounding villages are engaging in a whole series of projects to remember World War 1. The work will culminate in a performance of the musical dance drama  “Armistice” at Preston Guild Hall.

The local community is also aiming to knit 19,240 poppies- the exact number of men killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.  The children will be making silhouettes of the soldiers whose names are remembered on the war memorials in Longridge and its outlying villages. There is also going to be an archive of stories from relatives about those that served in the war. Some of these have already been posted on the Facebook page (see here ). In school the children will learn through their  curriculum subjects about the causes of the first world war, and about the reality that soldiers faced on the front.

The “Armistice” event on the 11th November 2018 is to involve 500 children and 100 adults giving two performances. To hire the Guild Hall, pay for transport of the children, props, costumes, instruments and for the use of museum services they are aiming to raise £50,000. If more money is made, it is to be passed on to the Royal British Legion charity. This well known charity was formed by World War 1 veterans and gives support to our Service men, women and present day veterans.

In a time of rising xenophobia and hostility between countries we are reminded that those who do not learn from history are in danger of repeating it. Commemorations and educational events like this help us to see why understanding our past history is so vital.

Thanks to John McHugh, Headteacher of St Wilfrid’s Primary School Longridge for bringing this worthwhile project to our attention.

To find out  more about the Longridge Schools Armistice Project, follow the links below.

Longridge Cluster Schools Armistice Project  Facebook page  here.

If you would like to donate towards funding to the “Armistice” performance at Preston Guild Hall then see the Just Giving website here.

The Royal British Legion  website is here